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From wireframing to advanced prototypes in one tool

Set your ideas free. Using wireframing as a crucial part of the design process in your organization will make sure your design is moving in the right direction. Quickly verify your ideas and iterate your design with feedback to polish the user experience on your app or website.

Improve your workflow with easy wireframes made in the all-in-one design tool

Manage your UX process

In UXPin, you can build your wireframes quickly, gather feedback, and move to hi-fi designs and interactive prototypes without switching between different tools.

Verify ideas easily

Creating wireframes and sharing them early on will eliminate friction in the user experience of your app, product, or website.

Keep everyone on the same page

With early stage wireframes, your team and stakeholders will understand the user journey and UX patterns you’re planning to implement in your app or website.

Design consistency

Create and manage consistency across projects with the power of UXPin’s UI components. Create components and UX patterns, organize them in libraries, and share them across your team.

Iterate faster together

Save your designs and share selected iterations with your team. Reviewing changes is easy – just share separate preview links to different stages of your work.

Share the UX overview

Provide a user experience understanding of your design early in the process to get stakeholder or customer approval before you begin the creative phase.

We were looking for a tool that could replace our whole workflow. Low fidelity wireframing, high fidelity wireframing, prototypes, and then could be organized. UXPin really is the only tool that pulls everything together into one tool.

Collaborate in real-time

UXPin has been built for team collaboration. You can build products together and in context. When working together on one prototype, you’ll see who’s on the same prototype with you and what they’re doing.

Verify concepts and run tests

Cater to user needs while verifying and fulfilling key business objectives. Test your wireframes to collect user feedback prior to your creative process. Making improvements in key areas of your design is faster when your design is still in the wireframe stage.

Quickly share your designs

Ready to show your design to the world? With just a few clicks, share a preview link to your work and decide whether you want to include comments, specs, documentation, or export it to a chosen format.

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