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UXPin Merge
for devs

Take UI components directly from Git repo, Storybook, or through NPM
for ultimate product development consistency.

Connect development
and design

Use Merge tech to bring code components to UXPin's design editor. Render your UI exactly the same as in your development environment and maintain your project structure inside UXPin. Integrate with Git repo or Storybook.

Connect development <br> and design
Git integration for React Components

Git integration for React Components

Bring React.js components from private or public repositories to UXPin. Leverage the power of React – one of the most popular frameworks, also in a design process.

Git integration for Web Components

Git integration for Web Components

Introduce the universal Web components into a design process. Use a React wrapper to let designers prototype with developed and interactive elements.

Storybook integration for 15+ Frameworks

Storybook integration for 15+ Frameworks

Use all frameworks supported by Storybook. Connect to public or private Storybook libraries via UXPin in just a few minutes and bring the coded UI to the design editor.

"We synced our Microsoft Fluent design system with UXPin's design editor via Merge technology. It was so efficient that our 3 designers were able to support 60 internal products and over 1000 developers."

Erica Rider
Erica Rider
UX Architect and Design Leader

Your final single
source of truth

Merge’s Version Control gives you the flexibility to manage components for each project separately. Switch easily between different versions of UI libraries in UXPin with Branches and Tags.

Your final single<br>source of truth
Keep everything<br>in sync

Keep everything
in sync

Remove inconsistencies between components in code and design. Once you update the elements in your repo, the changes will be reflected in the UXPin library.

Work with 100% <br> production-ready code

Work with 100%
production-ready code

Leverage the code you already have. Build digital products with ease. Just copy the component's code from UXPin and paste it into your code editor.

Code past design limitations, <br>customize how you want

Code past design limitations,
customize how you want

Solve design challenges with code – build your own custom solutions like theme switcher, new properties, or advanced responsiveness.

No digital product should be built in silo

Work with UI code components as a common language and remove the translation drift from when design becomes the product.

No digital product should be built in silo

Centralize your
design process

Simplify your development process – try UXPin Merge today and release digital products faster.

Centralize your<br>design process