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Get key insights about:

  • Design system adoption and scale
  • Design-development collaboration
  • Tools and processes hurdles
  • Maturity challenges
  • Expectations for the future
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"Most companies reported having been using the same design system for more than 3 years, with 21% still in the setup phases. This highlights the challenge that companies face with the adoption of design systems – with developer buy-in and time pressure as key blockers – as well as a commitment to a specific system once implemented."
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Where does the data come from?

UXPin teamed up with Whitespace to interview 19 managers that work in the most popular enterprise-level organizations.

The report goes deep into key lessons on design system maturity and operations. It will help you spot opportunities and challenges for increasing design impact.
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"Of the companies and individuals interviewed for this study, 63% said they had reached Stage 3 [of design system maturity]: Design and Coded Components, meaning that designers have their UI libraries with elements that are visual representations of the code components used for development."
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A few of featured design leaders

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    Amelia Ruzek

    Lead UX/UI Designer at Caterpillar

    Amelia provides design operations management and guidance to the design team and collaborates with front-end developers on a shared design system.

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    TJ Harrop

    Design System Consultant

    TJ helps design teams grow with scalable and quality processes, tools, and standards. At the time of the report, he was managing the NSW Government’s Design System products and services.

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    Erica Rider

    Sr. Manager UX at PayPal

    Erica leads the UX team for internal developer tools in an effort to transform the organization from a development-driven to a customer-first and design-driven one.

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    Jules Skopp

    Director of UX at Expedia

    Jules leads the teams working on products turning analytical data into business opportunities. He's passionate about the intersection of data, strategy, and design.

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    Ryan Robert Kane

    Head of UX at the Weir Group

    Ryan leads a multidisciplinary team of design, research, and product people and consults others on the adoption, and scale of UX practice into strategy & product planning.


  • Design Team

    Discover how enterprise-level organizations structure their teams and collaborate with other teams. Learn if the team size has anything to do with design system adoption.

  • Design Process

    Read about standards of working, handoff process, as well as team aspirations. Find out what designers need to change in their process to mature design systems.

  • Tooling

    What are the needs of design teams in terms of tooling? What do they use and what do they need to adopt in order to keep design consistency and scale? Let’s see.

  • Design System Documentation

    One of the most daunting tasks about managing a design system is keeping every part of it up to date. Did enterprise-level organizations find a recipe for that?

  • Design System Adoption

    Take a closer look at how design systems are used and whether teams can successfully adopt a unified design system without investing too much energy in evangelization.

  • Vision of the Ideal Model

    Does every design manager we asked aim to realize the same vision? Discover their plans for design systems, operations, and more. Do you have the same aspirations?

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Who is Whitespace?

We couldn't imagine a more perfect partner for creating this report. Whitespace is a next-gen consultancy that helps mid-sized and large organisations streamline DesignOps processes, setting up templates and OKRs, defining governance structures and building Design Systems that drive ROI. Check out their services.
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