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Design faster with Storybook components

Keep your UI components interactive and work with all frameworks (React, Vue, and more). Integrate in less than 1 minute. Yes, it's that simple and powerful.

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Frameworks supported with storybook integration

The only tool that takes interactive components from Storybook to design editor.

Use Storybook.js integration done right. Bring interactive components from Storybook. Not the other way round.

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Want to design with components from Git Repo instead?

Merge lets your designers and developers use the same code-powered components to build products hand in hand in UXPin. Sync design components directly with Git repository and design products that meet production standards from the very beginning. Scale and develop – faster than ever. Learn more on how to design with code components.

We synced our Microsoft Fluent design system with UXPin's design editor via Merge technology.
It was so efficient that our 3 designers were able to support 60 internal products and over 1000 developers.

Erica Rider, UX Architect and Design Leader, <b>PayPal</b>

Erica Rider, UX Architect and Design Leader, PayPal