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Design and code, together at last.

Merge lets your designers and developers use the same code-powered components to build products hand in hand in UXPin. Sync design components directly with Git repository and design products that meet production standards from the very beginning. Scale and develop – faster than ever. Learn more on how to design with code components.

It used to take us two to three months just to do the design. Now, with UXPin Merge, teams can design, test, and deliver products in the same timeframe. Faster time to market is one of the most significant changes we've experienced using Merge.

Erica Rider, Senior Manager for UX, <b>PayPal</b>

Erica Rider, Senior Manager for UX, PayPal

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What used to take days to gather feedback now takes hours. Since we can create comments that only certain teams can view, we improve the efficiency of communication. Add in the time we’ve saved on not emailing back-and-forth and manually redlining, and we’ve probably saved months off timelines.

Mark Figueiredo, Senior UX Team Lead, <b>T.Rowe Price</b>

Mark Figueiredo, Senior UX Team Lead, T.Rowe Price