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Time-saving design handoff process

Help designers and developers in your team speak the same language. Save them hours of manual work spent on documentation thanks to automated design specs, CSS, and style guides.

Turn handoffs into a handshakes with a single tool for designers and developers

Help everyone get on the same page

Design specs are generated in the tool, helping to avoid misunderstandings. Thanks to that, designers and developers have a space to work together without friction.

Save your team mundane work

Automate the work that your team doesn’t need to be wasting their time on. Allow them to use their creativity for real game-changing tasks.

Simplify the handoff process

With UXPin, all of your team’s designs and prototypes are enriched with automatically generated specifications in one tool. No plug-ins, no third-party handoff apps.

Work directly in the browser

UXPin is a browser-based software allowing you to work with your team anywhere. No more endless file swapping. Share your work and collaborate with your team on one prototype.

Let us generate CSS styles for you

Don’t waste your time figuring out what can be automated for you and your teammates. In UXPin, all your design projects have all the CSS details generated right away so that devs get a head-start with coding.

Style Guide

The foundation of your designs is usually set in colors, typography, and assets. Make them readily accessible to developers in one clear and downloadable Style Guide that comes to life on preview.

The end product looks the same as the design, you don’t know how rare it is. It’s amazing. After 7 years of being a UX designer, when the developer implements exactly what you mean – it’s amazing.

Give your work context

Create contextual documentation. Leave perfectly detailed descriptions of elements on your designs, down to the smallest detail, for anyone involved – especially developers. Describe when and how certain elements should be used. You can even include accessibility guidance. Now that’s clever!

Let devs inspect your designs

With just a few clicks, developers can access, copy, and even download all the specs they need to take your work from design to development – from dimensions to colors to CSS code. Now that’s called simplification!

Give and share feedback

Invite others to brainstorm design ideas directly in context. On the design or on preview – anyone can give feedback, tweak the design, or iterate. Anyone can brainstorm — no sign up required. All feedback is in one place.

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