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Make your ever-evolving design system accessible for your entire team

Make sure all design assets are consistent across the entire organization. Keep creating a single source of truth for your team to design from when working on projects.

Choose the most advanced design system management tool in the market

Ensure design consistency

Use UXPin’s Design System features to make sure every designer and developer on your team speaks the same language.

Ship products faster

Manage all design and prototyping projects across the entire organization with ease. Don’t waste any time discussing what’s already settled.

Let your brand shine through

Your Design System is more than an internal guide for your design team. With a Design System in place, your brand’s personality will be consistent across all channels — eliminating any customer confusion about who you are.

Interactive components

Your interactive components in UXPin’s Design Systems are much more than purely visual “static” elements. Build a complete library of interactive elements including sliders, pop-ups, menus, carousels, and more.

Design tokens

UXPin tokens save time by serving as the one home for all of your design tokens, such as colors and text styles. No more replicating values for different projects on various platforms in a single file.

Inspect UI Patterns

Take the guesswork out of coding. Let your devs dive right into the Design Systems where they can immediately translate UI Patterns into ready-to-use CSS code.

We were growing our organization in terms of UX so it was an easy win to get this Design System generated automatically. You could enable many people in the organization to do prototyping.

Explain design decisions

Go beyond just documenting assets or colors. Use documentation inside Design Systems to explain your design decisions. Leave no room for misunderstanding for anyone who interacts with your design.

Quickly update components

Whenever you make changes to a Master Component from a Design System on your design, UXPin will let you update it in the Design System right away — everything stays completely aligned.

Build your visual language

Build a clear, unified visual language for your product or service, either from scratch or based on existing elements, such as UI components, assets, colors, and text styles –. Establish the structure of your visual language and share it with your team to speed up the UX design workflow.

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